International Pageant

On Thursday, February 6th in the Meacham Auditorium, the International Advisory Committee held the OU International Pageant. I decided to attend the event with my friend from Kampala, Uganda. At the event, the contestants competed against each other in different segments, showcasing their different cultures as well as personal talent and working on a platform with IAC to improve the lives of those in the community.

At the event, the contestants represented a wide variety of countries such as Russia, Myanmar, Mexico, Vietnam, Ghana, Ethiopia, and much more! There were different acts such as cultural attire, talent, and a questionnaire. All of the contestants were extremely confident in their abilities and really showed that they wanted to be the face of the international community here at OU. Unfortanelty, I had to leave early before I could see the announced winner, but I bet who won truly deserved the crown. Overall, each contestant did an amazing job with the performances.

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