OU Cousin’s Smore’s Night

Poster for OU Cousin’s Smore’s Night

The first event of the semester hosted by OU Cousins was the OU Cousin’s Smores Night held at the Cross Firepits located at the Cross Apartments on campus. This event was the perfect opportunity to hang out with my OU Cousin for the first time. After the matching party held near the beginning of the year, my OU Cousin and I communicated a lot with each other and came up with a schedule to meet up to do different activities together. Any event hosted on campus is much easier for me to participate in because I do not have a car, so on-campus activities are more accessible.

On the day of the event, I asked my OU Cousin to meet me at the firepits since they were closer to where she lived near campus. When I arrived, she was not there yet, so I decided to mingle around with other people that were there. Even though the event had just started, there was already a large turnout of OU students and international students. Two large fire pits were lit inside a protected area, and comfortable chairs were set around so that everyone could relax and have a good time. Items to make smores such as big and small marshmallows, Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, Graham Crackers, and extra-long Bamboo Skewers were set about. The day was warm, and the sun had just begun set so that the sky looked as if it painted with an orange, pink, and purple haze.

Cross Firepits

Once my OU Cousin showed up, we decided to grab what we needed to make her first s’more!!! I explained to her how to cook the marshmallow without burning it in the fire ( I have done this many times 😆) so that the marshmallow could have a perfect brown color. After roasting the marshmallow, we successfully created our s’mores; however, my OU Cousin had some difficulty eating hers because it was so sticky. The roasted marshmallow got all over her hands, so we had to leave the event and find a nearby bathroom so that she could clean up, then we came back!!! It was an experience I am pretty sure she will never forget.

I had such a fantastic time catching up with my cousin and what she had done since we had last seen each other. It was such a relaxing time, and I was glad that I was able to be there with her as she experienced one the staples of the American culture.

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