Where would I go?🧐

Where would I study abroad, and why?

This question is not that easy to answer. There are so many places around the globe to visit, and these places all hold unique qualities that make them stand out.

If I had to choose, I would study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia! I have already been to Russia before to the capital, Moscow; however, I want to continue to travel around the country and explore more of what it has the hold. I believe the next best step would be to visit Russia’s second- largest city.

From what I have heard about St. Petersburg is that it is a city vibrant with culture and history. The architecture of the buildings within St. Petersurg is vibrant with color and preserved so well that it feels like the city is a museum in itself. Some places that I would like to visit are the Winter Palace, The State Hermitage Museum, Pushkin, Alexander Palace, Catherine Palace, and Palace Square. Visiting these places will allow me to learn more about Russia’s fascinating history and take some really cute and aesthetic pictures 😜

St. Petersburg, Russia πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί

I would also like to study abroad in St. Petersburg to improve my Russian language skills! I believe that having the opportunity to be immersed in a native environment of language and culture will help challenge me to utilize my foreign language skills and gain a better understanding of the language. I’ll be able to hone my language skills not only through a formal education setting where language classes are offered but also through going beyond my academic setting and using the language within my everyday environment.

Besides Russia, I honestly would not mind studying abroad anywhere in the world. I do not want to be constricted to one region of the world due to academics but instead, see as much of the globe as possible to live spontaneously and gain unforgettable life experiences. Some places that I have in mind are China, Japan, France, England, Australia, Canada, and much much more! I am a big foodie person, so I would love to travel to one of these places and connect with the natives through cuisine. Food is always the path to someone’s heart. β™₯️

The answer to where I would study abroad and why depends not only on the goals or objectives that I might have but where at the moment I wouldΒ rather be in the international community. I cannot wait to see where i’ll end up next✈️

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